47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
June 9, 1953

Our dear Peggy:

This is certainly a belated acknowledgement of Willa but we have been in the throes of moving from our house at 21 Cortleigh to a small apartment at 47 Glencairn about three blocks north of Cortleigh. We are hardly settled yet, storing eighty cartons of miscellaneous things in the basement in addition to 'placing' the heavy furniture brought over by Rawlinson. We love Willa with her friendly smiling face looking right out from the cover, and the biography is a masterpiece as one might assume it would be from Edward. He is in my thoughts continually. He has meant so much to me during the 25 years of our deep friendship. No two brothers could have been linked together by closer bonds. And you, dearest Peggy, are just as much in our hearts.

What human variety Edward gave Willa! She is full of flashes and facets. I hope the book is selling well.

I am sending you a copy of the 'Last Spike.' It is going pretty well in Canada. The C.B.C. presented portions of it some time ago and now, bless you, it is being broadcast in no less a place than Scotland through the B.B.C. I guess the oatmeal passage caught the Scots. Last week it won the Gov. General's Award which greatly heartened me as it would, I imagine, have given pleasure to Edward.

We expect to go to Newfoundland next month for a holiday but chiefly to be with my beloved brother Cal who has been in the Royal Victoria Hospital for five weeks with a heavy operation. Poor fellow lost his wife two years ago, and his son Calvert had been in the same hospital for a month. Both are improving, though slowly.

Vi is adding a message on the next page. If you come up this way again, no one will receive a more sisterly welcome.

Bless you,

E.K. Brown's Willa Cather: A Critical Biography (New York: Knopf, 1953) was published posthumously. See the note to 'Willa job' in the letter to E.K. Brown 17 November 1950.