47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto 12
Sunday [7 June 1953]

Dear Murdo:

It was good to see you and Elizabeth last week. What a fine gang you all are!

I understand you are to be in Boston soon. Well, we are being driven dowm to Cambridge by two friends – Miss Pashley and Miss Whytall. They are on their way farther South.

We shall be staying at Cambridge. Claire is making arrangements at some hotel there. We should like to see you if at all possible. If you are free you might call up Claire who is staying at 76 Garfield St, Cambridge 38. Or – since Claire's telephone is not in her own name you might drop us a line giving us your address. We hope to leave here by motor, Friday morning June 12, and reach Cambridge the next evening probably late.

As we must be back in Toronto by the 25th for the annual C.A.A. meeting, we shall have to leave Cambridge about the 22nd.

The best,

He refers to his recent visit to London, Ontario, where MacKinnon was in the Department of English at the University of Western Ontario. The 'gang' included other Department members, most of them friends of his.

C.A.A. meeting
His Governor General's Medal for TLS was being presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Authors Association. The announcement of the winners had been made a week earlier.