Friday [5 June 1953]

Dearest Cayke:

Well, the house is sold at last. Pash came in to tell us that an owner of a bowling alley put in an offer of $25,000.00 with a deposit of $1250.00. We accepted it and got in touch with Mac Burden to do the negotiation. The new owner's name is Cherney. So it's good-bye to 21.


We shall be rushing about next week getting the small mortgage paid off and the signatures on the dotted line. We expect to leave here on Friday the 12th getting into Cambridge Saturday night. Could you arrange for a double room for us in a Cambridge Hotel? We would stay there for the following week. We have to be back in Toronto on the 24th which would mean that we should leave on the 22nd at least.

It will be lovely to see you and paint you – I mean draw you for I am going to take up art without lessons or agony. It will be fine impressionism – great sweeping lines making hair to look like seaweed, and the eyes to have the glare of Medusa. 'French without Tears.' You remember.


Approximately two lines were blocked out, presumably by the recipient.