Tuesday a.m. [19 May 1953]

Dearest Cayke:

Your letter and card came this morning, and weren't we glad to get them?

So the Rouillards arrived with the suit-case and cushion. They have become great friends of ours. I have Dana to my stags.

Don't worry too much about the 'Slaughter-House' and the Spelling. If odd jobs come as they come for free lance that is all right. It allows some time for leisure and a spot of travelling about. I hope you will get a satisfactory apartment with all conveniences and comforts.

What a life the Buckleys are living? It isn't life at all but straight killing drudgery. I don't know how Ruth can stand up under the strain.

Tonight I have to attend a dinner at Wymilwood in advance of the U. of T. degree. I made it a condition that I was not to make a speech. 'Oh,' said Bennett, 'you might make a few remarks if you like.' All I am going to say is that I have taught for more than thirty years. Taking ten lectures plus addresses as the average per week, that means 300 per year, and if my mathematics serves me right that means 10,000 for the 30 years and odd. What a strain on the larynx of the speaker and what punishment for the ear-drums of the listeners. So why should I now add to the double strain, etc., etc., etc.? 'Bunk,' say I.

However, it will likely be a jolly party.

I haven't heard how Cal is getting along. I expected a note from him today. It looked like a heavy operation but he wrote in his natural good spirits, and expected to be out in reasonable time.

We are getting used to the apartment, but would be more pleased if the house were sold and yielding 5% on the equity. Pash is optimistic.

We shall keep you informed about everything. There will be a draft for you as soon as Peggy sends the cheque for the library books. I understand it will be substantial.

Blessins on yer,

Term used by the family for a book about the Chicago abattoirs that Claire was editing at Harvard University Press.

Claire was also editing a Spelling text for Ginn and Company. See the letter to Claire, 11 May 1953.

A women's residence at Victoria College. University dinners were often held in its capacious dining room.

U. of T. degree
Pratt was to awarded an honourary degree at the 1953 University of Toronto Convocation.

library books
Pratt was selling part of his library to Victoria College.