May 12, 1953

Dear John:

Apologies for the delay, but the eye strain is still with me. I managed, however, to read the Campbell poems They are immense – no fading of the old form in which I take such delight. Is there anyone on the other side of the Atlantic equal to him? I think not.

And that last paragraph of your editorial is magnificent. I like its affirmation, its outlook. Sorry I haven't one poem to hand over to you. I have a number of projects in 'mind' – just waiting for the recuperation of a holiday. I may go to Newfoundland this summer if plans are favourable.

By the way I gave an address at Assumption College last month and talked about you and Roy Campbell to Father LeBel. He is strong for Roy and the tour. I hope he reads your editorial.

I am slipping along a small cheque for your list. Please make it anonymous.

Keep after Marshall McLuhan.

The very best,
Ned Pratt

Campbell poems
Sutherland had sent him some poems he had received from Roy Campbell, for whom Sutherland was attempting to arrange a Canadian recital tour.

your editorial
In the spring number of Northern Review.