Monday a.m. [11 May 1953]

Dearest Claire:

Mr and Mrs Rouillard called at the house yesterday and they are taking down to you a suit-case and the cushion. They are leaving on Tuesday which should bring them into Boston on Thursday. They have your address and will get in touch with you.

We are hoping that you can make the Stratford Festival and spend a few days with us before and after. Your letter came this morning with the news about Ginn and the Speller. I hope you don't have to get up too early and work too hard.

Your telephone message last night was refreshing to us. We are getting things in order at 47 – that is to say, of course, mother is. I am rather a cause of disarray than of order if you know what I mean.

I am enclosing your mail which came today.

(signature looks like 'fat head' but my desk is rickety)

Stratford Festival
The Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario was to open for its first season in July that year.

Ginn and Company, a publishing firm with headquarters in Boston, for which Claire occasionally did free lance work.

'is' is underlined twice.