47 Glencairn Ave.
Friday May 1, 1953

Dearest Cakes:

We are getting settled in 47 quite nicely and finding the six rooms capacious for our needs. We haven't sold 21 yet though Pash and Doris are working valiantly. Just as soon as the deal is closed I shall write you pronto.

We may have to put off our Boston trip for some time because May is going to be a month crammed with engagements and work of all kinds. After June 6 things will be comparatively quiet and we shall probably be able to put in a week. A lot depends on Pash too as she will be 'Johnny' or 'Mary' on the spot trying to negotiate 21. Selling a house is an indefinite business anyway, like getting up in the morning if you know what I mean.

Our telephone was put in yesterday and we managed to retain the old number Hu.8 -1041. Lucky, wasn't it?

We have been so busy at the house and at moving that we haven't been out anywhere. And I have 80 papers to examine in 2b, whereas last year I had none. I haven't untied the bundle yet though the 'provisional' time is May 1 for sending them back. But we know what 'provisional' means. I start today in real earnest.

I have also to get up a paper on the 'Humanities' to read at London, Ont. towards the end of May. I have refused other requests as I want a bit of time for my own work.

I shall be writing again in two or three days.

Bless you dear.

end of May
An address to the Humanities Association of Canada. See the letters to Roy Wiles, 9 and 13 February 1953.