Monday am. [27 Apr. 1953]

Dearest Cayke:

It is now Monday morning and we are beginning our first week at 47 Glencairn Ave. We went over to 21 C. last night to pick up the few remaining things, and I think we shall be comfortable in the smaller but adequate quarters.

We gave away some things for which we had little use.

(1) The big car light went to Pash who was delighted with it. We never used it at all, as an ordinary flash light was enough.

(2) The old steamer chairs were taken by Charlie Penny.

(3) The big motor fan with the three speeds was eagerly taken by Charlie.

(4) Four fountain pens (fountain by courtesy) now grace Charlie's service desk.

(5) The snow shovel was seized by Charlie, who needed it for his big cement walk.

(6) And other things went to Charlie.

(7) Kathleen Daykin took some books.

(8) Mother has big ideas about the big chair in my den. I don't see how anyone can get it through the door. It must have come in by the window originally.

(9) We spent two hours last night in the empty 21, wondering if you would phone, but then we realized that daylight time started yesterday and you wouldn't know that. Do you have D.T. in Boston?

Tomorrow the Bell Telephone installs a phone in 47. Pash is trying to get the Co. to give us our old number. When we know we shall let you have it. Pash has been a marvel. Next to Rawlinson she was the greatest service manager.

There is no sign of a sale yet for 21 but we are in high hopes. When that is done it will be a great relief – in fact, an exultation.

How are the candles evaporating? Some day they will be extinct.


daylight time
Daylight Saving Time.

Manager of the company engaged to move their furniture.

'extinct' is underlined twice.