21 Cortleigh Blvd.
Toronto Ont.
[Mar. 1953]

Dearest Cakes and Ale (Do you remember Twelfth Night?):

Mrs Ingram's address is Mrs N.G.S. Ingram, 39 Plymbridge Cres.

York Mills,


I am sending along a letter from Montreal. As it is stamped 4c it is first class mail and may be important. Also a statement of salary and means tax from the U of T. I suppose you had this statement before you left to make out your returns, is that not so? This may just be a routine task on the part of the accountant. If so, ignore it.

I hope the Ginn job will be part time piece work which will give you a bit of leisure.

To return to the financial situation of my last letter, you do not need to worry in the least.

The $75.00 per quarter is simply interest on the bonds which will remain in the vault. I shall send a draft of 95.00 by the middle of March. We really do not need it ourselves. Our own savings account is considerable and growing every month. Even after I retire in July I get $2000.00 annually plus $450.00 (old age security) plus royalties which may go on indefinitely, plus $1200 annually from Jack Hiatus. The latter is the easiest of all jobs now as your mother reads the carbon copies to me and we both spot any mistakes. The work does not amount to more than three or four days a week.

Then, above all, is the house. Pash was in yesterday to get all the information. The mortgage is now less than $2000.00 for the house which when the mortage amount is deducted and her commission would net $25000 clear. That put out at 4% say would yield $1000.00. You can have a chunk of that as thick as a beaver's tail at the stump. She has in mind an apartment in a duplex close to Duplex and Glengrove – a good locality.

Your birthday is looming on the horizon, so be assured we are not unmindful of the exact date – one day after St. Patrick's. Wear a green feather or something green approximately on the 17th.

Be careful of that 'magic' brake! Get the car throoughly overhauled. I hope you have adequate insurance. Does the motor league contract apply to your neighbourhood?

Mother is just calling me – 'Mrs Stauffer telephoned.'

Bless you,

'4 cents'.

Ginn job
Ginn and Company, a publishing house specializing in the educational market.

Jack Hiatus
Jack Kent Cooke. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 4 February 1953.