Victoria College
Friday [20 Mar. 1953]

Cayke dear:

We have practically secured our new duplex apartment and the place looks better each time we see it. I suppose Mother told you about the basement – commodious, dry and acceptable in every way.

As soon as the agreement is signed Pash will put 21 Cortleigh up for sale and the interest on the capital will nearly pay the rent of the apartment. Cal was up at the house last night and thinks that the National Trust would arrange for at least 5% on the capital.

Work will be at a minimum and there is a 'dear little den' where I can scribble at will. No snow to shovel, a man looks after two duplexes. The garage is big. The only 'disadvantage'(?) is that I shall have to open and shut the door and I have never been initiated into doing that sort of thing. There is a small garden where I can put a steamer chair and have a snooze in the middle of the day.

We are both delighted. We shall have a 'bee' on the day of removal. Besides ourselves, Pash, Poss, Muriel, Winnie will help place whatever furniture is not sold. Unfortunately my big chair in the den at 21 will not find room, but a chesterfield will take its place.

In a week or so when I get rid of lectures I shall send you your draft on the coupons due now.

Clare Hincks wants me to be Chairman of a Committee on Mental Hygiene – no writing or work – but just Chairman. An honorarium goes with it. So everything is hunky-dory.

Much love

Our affectionate regards to the Buckleys.

duplex apartment
See the letter to Claire Pratt, 1 May 1953.

Claire's old friend Ruth Stauffer and her husband Elery Buckley, with whom Claire was living (temporarily) in Concord, Mass.