21 Cortleigh Blvd.
Toronto, Ont.
March 13th, 1953

Dearest Cayke:

A birthday present herewith enclosed


Also a little parcel will be sent by mail soon. Any sign of comfortable quarters coming up?

I have three things ahead of me in the next month or so:

(1) Queen's University dinner and a speech;

(2) The Basilians at Windsor;

(3) Humanities address at London.

Lectures are almost over so things will be more leisurely – that means more time for the radio – suspense, F.B.I., Scotland Yard, etc. I am learning a lot about the art of detection and will qualify soon as an expert.

I am also enclosing a Bryn Mawr letter.


Several lines are blocked out, presumably by the recipient.

The Basilian Order was mainly responsible for Assumption College, Windsor, where he was to speak in April. See the note to 'Assumption College' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 29 March 1953.

Humanities address
See the letters to Roy Wiles, 9 and 13 February 1953.

Bryn Mawr
A women's college at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.