21 Cortleigh Blvd.
Toronto, Canada
Saturday [14 Feb. 1953]

Dear Cayke:

I shall get your transcript on Monday morning (standing & medal 4th year). Then I'll post it at once.

I hope Black Magic is working magically not stalling. Have you a good service man. I thought B.M. was the real name of the car like Black Meteor for the Ford model. Mother corrected me on that point.

We are getting along as usual – that is, I still do the drying, and hanging up the clothes, and other odd jobs about the house. In fact, I am indispensable and invaluable (conceit, eh?).


See the note to 'ten years' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 9 February 1953. She had requested a copy of her academic record at Victoria College to accompany her application.

Black Magic
Nickname for the car that Claire had just acquired.