21 Cortleigh Blvd.
Feb. 9, 1953

Dearest Cayke:

I sumptuously repasted on cheddar last night before retiring. So did Mother, after which we placed the remainder (I should call it the remnant we ate so much) in the refrigerator, having wrapped said cheese in saran according to instructions. I also took due notice of the whereabouts of the wayside store, the connection of Henry Ford and Lafayette, and Longfellow with grist mills, Martha & Mary chapels and cheese. Every time I think of you I shall think of cheese – magnificent and Miltonic conception.

Mother wrote yesterday about Radcliffe and wondered if it were a sound decision to take up college studies after a lapse of ten years. The doctorate is a gruelling business especially the Orals. If it followed immediately on the B.A. it would be different, but even then it would take three years, and the teaching, if it were offered, is a nervous and physical exertion.

Have you inquired if Radcliffe or Wellesley have a course in Commercial Art. That would be delightful as you have an unquestioned vein for that, and later there is bound to be some work. Perhaps Boston has a number of such schools. What do you think of the suggestion? Don't be in too much of a hurry but canvass the situation thoroughly.

I remember how teaching at Vic in my first year put me in bed all through April. Questions came from all quarters of the room on points on which I was ill-informed, coming straight from Philosophy to English. It was only after three or four years I felt at home on the job. Think it over in any case.

'Magic in Everything' (Mayfair) is going to be written in long hand and if you will do the illustrations it would be fine. I am sending you a copy of the printed material so you can get the idea and later on the handwritten stuff. I think some of the illustrations ought to be comedy and whimsical which you do perfectly. I am enclosing the Currelly letter. Your 12th day has got people excited.

Yours till the cheese lasts and afterwards.

Claire's birthday present to him.

chapels and cheese
References in Claire's most recent letter.

A women's liberal arts college in Cambridge, Massachusetts – sister institution to Harvard University. The two consolidated in 1999.

ten years
She contemplated resuming her postgraduate studies, abandoned in 1945 when her health failed.

A women's college in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

It was actually in his third year on the staff of Victoria College that he had spent April (1923) 'in bed.' See the note to 'heart convalescence' in the letter to W.A. Deacon, 27 April 1923.

'Magic in Everything'
See the letter to Claire Pratt, 15 January 1953.