Jan. 21, 1953

Dearest Cayke:

Your letter came this morning and I immediately went over to the Royal Bank (Bloor & Yonge). The accountant sent at once a draft air-mail for $300.00 in favour of you addressed to Mr Young of the First National Bank Boston. It ought to reach you tomorrow morning. If you need more just let me know.

The Sun Life fund is irregular to change from me to you: so I have to cash the amounts and deposit them to your account.

You have also 2 bonds of $1000 each in the Bank vault which can be placed to your credit in a few minutes. I knew you were counting on one of those bonds for next summer, so the other one could be cashed if you needed it as the purchase of a Dodge + running expenses would be considerable. Don't hesitate to ask me as I have a considerable sum of cash in my current.

I trust you are not embarrassed that way.

Have you been up to the Press yet? And what are the chances?

We are getting along fairly well, the old 'hay fever' is still moistening the atmosphere from Toronto to the Atlantic (no less). But there are people worse off. Norrie's eyes still look like the orbs of goblins. Mine are not affected yet.

Give my best regards to Ruth and Elery.


Claire was applying for a position at Harvard University Press in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ruth and Elery
Claire was staying with her friends Ruth and Elery Buckley in Concord, Massachusetts.