Friday a.m. [early Dec. 1952]

Dear Henry:

Many thanks for your note with its kind remarks about the Spike. It has been going well, thanks be, and on the whole been well received by the reviewers.

I would love to visit New York again and see all my friends there, but I see no prospect of doing so in the immediate future. I spent a week in Newfoundland in October. I was invited down there to address convocation of the Newfoundland Memorial University which was installing a Chancellor and President. I had a grand time if somewhat strenuous. I spoke on the function of a university in the mid-twentieth century – sat on the platform with two Knights of the realm, a Lord of the British House, a bishop and an archbishop, the new President, and Premier Joey himself, who sat right next to me. Afterward, at night, I banqueted with the lords and ladies and other celebrities and rolled home (by car of course) around 11 p.m. I also spoke at some high schools, mostly Catholic – on account of Brébeuf.

Thanks again. If you come this way let me know and we'll have a repast together.

Greetings of the forthcoming season to you and yours.

Ned Pratt

P.S. The book, I hear from Lorne, is still going fairly well – favourable comment still being heard from time to time. P.

two Knights of the realm
See the mention of 'Sir Albert Walsh, Chief Justice' and 'Sir Leonard Outerbridge' in the
letter to Claire Pratt, 10 October 1952.

Lord of the British House
Viscount Rothermere of Hemsted, who was installed as Chancellor.

a bishop and an archbishop
Anglican Bishop P.S. Abraham and Roman Catholic Archbishop P.J. Skinner.

Klinck and Wells, Edwin J. Pratt: the Man and His Poetry (1947).