Dec. 4, 1952

Dear President Gushue:

I fear that I have no typed copy of that address. Either I did not get it back from the Daily News or I have mislaid it. I have only a pencil original which would be illegible to anyone but myself. But I have a copy of the Daily News which I forward to you. I have carefully scanned it and it contains everything but a few improvisations not committed to writing or print. These would be unimportant and I have forgotten them.

I have corrected the printer's errors. These are indicated by pencil.

(1) The only omission is the 'Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen' equivalent which Sir Albert wrote out for me just before going into the meeting. You would have that as it is common to all the speakers.

(2) 'three' instead of '3'

(3) 'medicine' and 'attention' in second column

(4) Period after 'senility' followed by a new sentence (second column)

(5) 'revered'

(6) 'the teachers have no other recourse than to present the principles of academic faith.' – (third column)

(7) 'scaled' instead of 'sealed' (seventh column)

(8) 'to feel its pulse' (last column)

I have conveyed your regards to 'Sid.'

My best wishes,

Yours sincerely,
E.J. Pratt

that address
His address on the function of a university was published in The Proceedings on the Occasion of the Installation of ... the First Chancellor and Second President ... by Memorial University, 1952 (see EJP:PPA, pp. 275-81).