Nov. 20, 1952

Dear Earle:

This is a rush note.

First, I want to thank you for your kind references to the Spike – the appreciations and the helpful advice.

Second, Do you want to make a bit of money when you are circulating through Western Europe?

Perhaps you may have heard that the Saturday Night has changed ownership and the new proprietor called me up to give him the names of the best writers in Canada. Naturally, I gave your name, and he wants to know if you would send articles upon the European situation – anything of interest to Canadians. The new man is Jack Kent Cooke and he has already got Hugh MacLennan as an occasional contributor and Robertson Davies as the book editor. He hopes to have Lister Sinclair, Bart Brebner and you; and others.

I don't know how much he pays. That's a matter for later negotiation. He is concerned principally with prose though I imagine the ratio of verse will be about the same as under the former sponsorship.

Would you do it? I am assuming you are still in Vancouver. If so, would you send me a line air-mail pronto, and tell me when you will be in Toronto on your way to Europe, so we could have lunch together. If you can't make the personal visit will you write him – Jack Kent Cooke, Publisher, Consolidated Press, Richmond and Sheppard, Toronto. It will be a good connection for you later on when you return as well as when you are journeying. I don't know who the new general editor is at present as things are confidential.

With much affection

Western Europe
See the letter to Birney, 27 August 1952.

'confidential' is underlined twice.