Sept. 23, 1952

Dear Murdo:

Delighted with the broadcasts. They were clear and full of humor. Vi says – 'Isn't that just what happens! You can see it visibly.' I answer – 'Yes that's what happens all right, but if I had to do the plumbing, draining, fixing etc. etc. there'd be no house left.' It's fine and there's another one to come.

I got the Dal article and I think it a real historic contribution.

More power to you.

A series of talks on CBC radio entitled 'Not Too Far from the City,' about life in a village in Middlesex County, Ontario.

Dal article
By MacKinnon in Dalhousie Review (Summer 1952): 'Parnassus in Newfoundland: The First Fruits of Britaniola' (about the poems of Robert Hayman, who was governor at Harbour Grace in the seventeenth century). 'Britaniola' was an early name sometimes applied to Newfoundland.