Sept. 13, 1952

Dear President Gushue:

This letter follows my telegram of last night. It may be too early to have the following questions answered since your programme may not be completely determined.

  1. In what order do the speeches come? I imagine the Chairman of the Board comes first. Does he introduce both Chancellor and President? Naturally, both reply.
  2. Does each official university delegate speak for his university?
  3. At what place in the programme do I come in?
  4. Would fifteen or twenty minutes be approximately my prescribed time? I can shape the speech to less than that if the ceremonies require brevity.
  5. Would a subject such as the 'function of a university' with prefatory remarks about the historic nature of the occasion be acceptable? It is not necessary to publish the title other than an 'address.' That gives me leeway.

If anything else occurs to you would you kindly let me know?

May I personally congratulate you in advance on the choice of the Board! Cal and I are both delighted. I have a homebred interest in the cultural future of the dear old Island.

By the way, Sid Smith spoke so warmly about you and your student days. Sid is one of my closest friends.

Yours very cordially,
E.J. Pratt

student days
Smith and Gushue had been at Dalhousie Law School together.