Sept. 9, 1952

Dear Carl:

Thanks so much for your grand note. Such warm-hearted enthusiasm as that makes writing worthwhile.

Thanks also for your hospitality last June. We enjoyed the sessions. In fact it was the best meeting of the C.A.A. I have ever experienced. Convey my congrats to my friend – the organizer of the whole business – the assistant principal, the teacher of English (part time), host of the first quality, connoisseur of vintages, husband of a charming wife and father of two equally charming daughters and a regular guy. On his shoulders rested the heaviest burdens and he bore them like an Atlas.

Thanks again for your references to The Last Spike. It is going well I am glad to report.

I am delighted that Murdo is going on the air. I shall look forward to hearing the stories.

What a grand gang you have at London!

Love to your family.

regular guy
Dr. Frank Stiling (b. 1897), Principal of University College and Dean of Arts and Science, University of Western Ontario, was President of the London branch of the CAA, later National President. (See the letter to Deacon, 15 June 1952).

on the air
See the letter to M.M.H. Mackinnon, 23 September 1952.