[Banff, Alberta]
Aug. 12, 1952

Dear old Arthur:

Although I was on the C.P.R. Sunday when your 'critical speaking' was on the air, I had no less than four letters today when I arrived at the Cascade Hotel. All of the correspondents spoke enthusiastically of your 'matter' and delivery. One former student took notes by shorthand and gave me extracts.

I am indeed grateful to you for your publicity and affectionate estimate of the last book. Indeed, I have had more fervently appreciative reviews through Canada on the Spike than I have ever had all my life, but the most valued is that of your dear self.

I am at Banff to receive the University of Alberta medal on Thursday night. Since Sir Ernest MacMillan and Fred Haines are away I have to make the acknowledgement. I wish you were here to enjoy the Banff scenery. Vi is here and wishes to send her love to you & family.

Most affectionately

Will be back in Toronto by the 23rd of August.

on the air
On 10 August Smith had broadcast in the CBC radio series Critically Speaking reviews of TLS and Sutherland's Northern Review essay.

See the letter to Claire Pratt, 13 August 1952.