July 9, 1952

Good old Ralph:

It was just like your dear generous self to write such a spontaneous letter. Praise from you is praise indeed. I value your appreciation as I love your personality.

The Reviews have been enthusiastic and I hope the sales by the Fall will be encouraging.

Sutherland's article was more than I expected by way of approval of the earlier work. Something must have got hold of his insides. He was most generous.

When are you coming up to Toronto again so I can order a porterhouse for you in company with the good lads? We miss your fine critical mind and creative spirit in these parts. I didn't get down to New York to the M.L.A. this time as I had a broken arm followed by bursitis which still cramps my legibility (as you can observe). I have been taking treatment twice a week for six months. But I still am able to enjoy an evening with my boon companions and no one would be more welcome than your thoroughly human lovable self. Do let me know if you can make it next fall after the term opens.

My love to you,

Note – Bursitis doesn't disturb digestion, assimilation or elimination, thanks be.

Reviews of Towards the Last Spike, which had been published on 2 June.

Sutherland's article
In Northern Review. See the letter to Sutherland, 25 February 1952.

broken arm
The MLA held its meetings in late December. He did not break his shoulder until mid-February.