June 18 [1952]

Dear Bill:

I have just received a letter from President Stewart that as he cannot attend the CAA on June 28 he will make the medal awards in Banff during the closing week of the Banff School of Fine Arts, probably on August 14. He has invited me to to go and I have accepted, taking Vi along with me.

I shall also go to the London affair, but Stiling informs me that since his Excellency and the Minister of Education are making 20 minute speeches to be followed by Hall and others, there will be practically no time but for a bow as Hardy makes the announcement. That suits me as 'remarks' generally are diffuse and objectionable. If I have to say anything I shall pay a brief tribute to my critic friends and you always come first on that list. But I shall have to wait for another word from Stiling. The main business I suppose is Banff as by implication from Stewart they expect something. I shall keep you informed in any case.

Gray tells me the Spike is 'imminent.' I hope it will be out by the 28th. My presentation copies haven't reached me yet. As soon as they come I shall send you a personal copy pronto.

The best,

probably on August 14
See the letters to Viola Pratt, 6 June 1952 and W.A. Deacon, 15 June 1952.

The date of the CAA banquet.