June 8, 1952

Dear Des:

I am sending this article along to you which came from an Ottawa friend. I am proud of an old student – glad to have your criticisms as well as your generous appreciation.

It is not often that I use my 'hifalutin' stationery but I gave his Lordship the works last week – congratulating him on 'his' University, particularly on the contribution to scholarship which you are making.

More power to your elbow.
Deep regards to Mary.

Ned Pratt

Will you send me back the enclosed article when you have read it.
Excuse scribble as the injured arm still aches.

this article

the works
Pacey wrote in a letter to David G. Pitt (18 April 1967): 'That spring ... in Toronto I read a paper called "Areas of Research in Canadian Literature." Pratt was most enthused over the paper, and that evening he was at a party at
Claude Bissell's home and was quite high. (Incidentally, that is the only time I saw Pratt visibly affected by alcohol ...) He told me that he had decided to write Lord Beaverbrook [Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick] and tell him what a wonderful fellow I was. "I'll give him the works, Des. I'll write the letter on my special stationery with C.M.G.'s and D. Litt's, etc. and I'll blow you up so high the Beaver will endow your chair at $25,000 a year or some fantastic sum!" Ned was so nearly drunk that night that I believed he would forget all about the letter to Beaverbrook – but his letter to me of June 8 indicates that he did write it. Beaverbrook wrote me a note saying he had heard great things of my work, but needless to say he did not endow my chair!' (See Pratt's letter to Lord Beaverbrook, early June 1952.)