Robert Driscoll Hotel
Corpus Christi, Texas
June 1, 1952

Dearest Vi:

I guess you'll be in Brooklyn when this card reaches you. My next will be a letter containing information about the Convocation. Hospitality is wonderful! Between the Basilian Fathers and the Conference greetings I have added three pounds or four. I say four because it was three yesterday. I'll work hard at the raspberries when I return which ought to be on Friday, June 6. I'll be in fine fettle also for dishwashing.

I am the only Canadian at the Conference with its 400 delegates. Much [love] to your dear self and to wee gentle Nellie with her slender form.


Postcard; postmarked Corpus Christi, Texas, 1 June 1952.

reaches you
Viola had gone to visit Nellie Pratt in Brooklyn, New York.