Friday am [31 May 1952]


Now on my way from Houston to Corpus Christi. The banquet, the Mass and the Convocation are over and poor old Brébeuf has been honourably interred (I hope). The fathers are wonderful and I don't even have to remember one street or a number or even a date. Your note arrived this morning and I was so glad to get it. I'll be so glad to get back. I leave C.C. on Thursday morning week, getting in sometime Saturday.

Great love to you dear.

I am now full of ruby grapefruit.

Postcard; postmarked Houston, Texas, 31 May 1952.

or even a date
The phrase 'or even a date' is added, with a line to the header where 'Wednesday' is scored out and 'Friday' added.

Corpus Christi.