Monday at 10 a.m. [26 May 1952]

Dearly beloveds:

Just arrived and waiting to take the train from Chicago to St Louis. Feeling fine but the roomette as a mode of accommodation is not all that it is cracked up to be. Can't stand up on one foot without treading on the other. Still it is better than an upper berth.

Had good breakfast on train – grapefruit, bacon and eggs, toast well done, marmalade and coffee. Expect to reach St Louis at 5:30, then Houston tomorrow morning. Writing this in station as one in a fog.


Postcard; postmarked Chicago, 26 May 1952.

Viola and Claire Pratt.

St Louis
He was en route to the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. See the letter to Father V.J. Guinan, 22 March 1952.