May 5, 1952

Dear Dave:

It was good to hear from you.You can certainly use my name anytime you like for a reference.

I met Hunter only once and that was when I was 'down' to Newfoundland three years ago, proposing the toast to Robbie Burns on St. Andrew's night. I don't know what qualifications he expects by way of degrees, and what competition there will be. I know the competition is terrific in Canadian universities generally, but one can only enter the race.

As you know I am retired now (apart from two lectures a week which may end this year). John goes on the emeritus list next year, though he will be giving special lectures for three years after that as far as he can predict.

I have had a trying time this winter with a broken shoulder. I fell on the ice last February, smashed the right shoulder, which was followed by bursitis, a most painful inflammation which persists and may persist for months yet according to the doctor. I am taking cortisone and shock wave treatment. But it is goodbye to golf for the summer I fear.

I hope you are in good condition yourself.

The best of luck to you.
Ned Pratt

On leave at the time, and a permanent appointment at Victoria unconfirmed, Hoeniger was seeking a post at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

St. Andrew's night
Actually it was a Burns' Night (25 January) celebration, sponsored by the St. Andrew's Society.

right shoulder
A curious error: he had in fact broken his left shoulder. (See the letters to his fourth year students, 24 February and John Sutherland, 25 February 1952.)