21 Cortleigh Blvd.
March 15, 1952

Dear John:

Thanks for your letter which I am answering right away.

Macmillans, of course, possess the copyright and they might release The Great Feud. If you wrote Gray, suggesting your purpose, he would consult me and I'd back up your scheme naturally. If he had a copy of your article, it would impress him tremendously. I want him to release it to you without a permission fee, as you cannot afford that, and the advertising value of the issue would far outweigh the fee. Should he demand a fee, I would make this agreement with you. Though Macmillans have the control, yet they hand over royalties to me less 10% for collection. I would personally hand back this fee to you. So you wouldn't be out. This would be confidential obviously.

Collins is bringing out an anthology this spring of contemporary verse and they are including the whole of Dunkirk. They paid $50.00 for the right and Macmillan passed it on to me.

I do not think Gray would publish in a single edition the three – Titanic, Cachalot & Feud – as the 'Collected Poems' contains those poems and the volume is selling well. It would indeed be an advantage to do so especially with your introduction, but I doubt its feasibility, particularly as Towards the Last Spike is appearing next week under the Macmillan imprint and the firm intends to put all its weight of publicity on it. The poem is a semi-realistic, semi-symbolic account of the building of the First Canadian Trans-Continental, and it was written over the last two years.

I am enclosing a glossy print of Forbes' portrait. Hope it works out all right. Still apologizing for this unsteady hand.

Kindest regards,
Ned Pratt

P.S. When your issue appears I want 50 copies sent straight from your office to addresses which I shall furnish. I shall cover the expense with a $25.00 cheque. My brother who read your introduction also wants 50 copies. You may bill him direct for $25.00 and he will remit promptly.

More anon

Collins never published this anthology.

next week
Though originally scheduled for March, publication of Towards the Last Spike was delayed until June.

$25.00 cheque
Since the special issue of Northern Review devoted to Pratt was double (February-March and April-May), the cost was $1.00 a copy, as Sutherland shortly informed Pratt. But Pratt and his brother confirmed their original orders for fifty copies each.