Friday, Jan. 30, 1952

Dearest Cayke:

Your letter of Tuesday the 27th just came.

First the financial situation.

The first thousand was made up of two amounts of $700 + 300. You needed 600.00 you said in your message. Well I slipped along an extra hundred making it 700.00. Then later thinking that you needed more I added the other 300.00. It came out of my account which is quite flush. The royalties etc. have been very substantial.

Then I thought you might as well have one of those two 1000.00 bonds. They are bearer bonds and did not need any signature. Mr Adam suggested that instead of selling one of them the Royal would telegraph the First National Bank of Boston the thousand dollars in cash for you, and the Royal would hold the bond in its possession as security. That would save all the trouble of coupon clipping and negotiation in your case.

There is yet the other thousand bond which is in the vault and you can draw on it in an emergency should one arise.

I am right in the throes of getting out a text for Macmillans. Mother is trying to decipher my writing for the typewriter. I must have everything in Miss Eayrs' hands by Monday – Miss A-h- -h- -s s, if you know what I mean. I shall write again in a day or two. Enclosed is a letter which came unsealed to the house.


financial situation
See the letter to Claire, early January 1952. Claire was living in Boston.

text for Macmillans
Towards the Last Spike.