[late 1951]

Dear K:

I am sending along 'The Mechanical Bride' for you to glance at. Some of the ads are exceedingly funny. I don't know what you can find in it or whether you might consider writing an article on it. I sent the book to Mark Van Doren and Mark was exceedingly interested and amused. McLuhan disclaims the [....] of himself as a communicator. He is a teacher of English literature at St Michael's with a flair for philosophy and psychology. Would you pass on the Bride to Jack to see if he is inspired. We should get him on the list of New Liberty as a possible contributor. He is an eloquent speaker, a little abstruse at times, but he can gear up a production in a wink in fine style. When Jack returns I shall make up a lunch at Burwash Hall for the four of us.


This letter exists only as a pencilled draft in the Pratt Collection at Victoria University, Toronto.

Unidentified. Apparently on the staff of New Liberty magazine.

'The Mechanical Bride'
The recently published book by Marshall McLuhan, subtitled 'Folklore of Industrial Man,' discusses the power of the advertising media to influence the public consciousness.