Nov. 15/51

Dear John:

Thanks for your letter and your kind suggestions about broadcasts and articles. It warms me to be so appreciated and I am not over-sensitive to criticisms. I learn a lot by them and feel grateful.

I do not think there will be any difficulty about a reprint of one of the longer poems or a substantial portion. The Great Feud is quite long, but when the time comes I will take the matter up with Macmillans so as to avoid any consideration of royalty. They own the copyright of all my publications but I am sure they would waive the claim for an article.

But before taking action I should like to submit a manuscript which I have been working at for two years in spare time. It is called Towards the Last Spike, an objective poem on the First Canadian Transcontinental – objective in the sense that it is neither pro nor con politically. It is a new experiment in that [it] is a symbolic treatment of an historical subject. It is now in the hands of the Macmillan editors and will be a March or April publication 1952.

If I can get a second typed copy I'll hand it along in a few days so that you may pass your scrutiny over it.

My lecture on the Titanic is not in print. If I can find my notes I'll arrange them in some order and slip them to you. Perhaps within a week I can let you have both.

I am sorry you find it so hard to raise the necessary funds for the N.R. If you go absolutely broke, (or just before that becomes imminent) notify your personal friends. I am sure that an ordinary sense of decency on their part would safeguard you against personal loss. You have been doing a national service, almost single-handed, and, I think, without parallel in the publication of little magazines.

You do not need to reply to this until after you hear from me in regard to the matters aforementioned.

The very best to you,
Ned Pratt

Sutherland was writing a substantial critical essay on Pratt for Northern Review. He wished to accompany it with 'The Great Feud' and had written asking Pratt's permission and help securing copyright permission. See the letters to Sutherland, 25 February and 15 March 1952.