152 University Ave.
Kingston, Ont.
Aug. 8, 1951

Dearest Cayke:

I hope you are having a whale of a time. I sent a card to you last Monday addressed to Sandwich, Mass., but as I posted it I noticed that the name looked like Sandwick. There and then on the letter box I tried to correct the letter but I made it worse. The original K was caused by a sudden start from a wild bark from Miss Austin's dog simultaneous with a horrid scream from baby Whalley outside my window. The two combined produced in me a motor aberration resulting in an undue precipitation of ink on the final letter. It took two hours to get over this effect, one hour with bacon and eggs plus strong coffee and burned toast, the other with my class from 9 to 10 a.m. I forgot everything in reading and commenting on the bar-room fight between Mrs Gogan and Bessie Burgess in O'Casey's Plough and the Stars.

This sounds, or reads like a psychiatric report from Blats' Nursery School. I am much better today thank you.

Do send me a card when you get to a Post Office.

Pater immortalis.

Sandwich, Mass.
Claire had gone on a holiday trip with friends.

Blats' Nursery School
Established in Toronto by Dr. William E. Blatz, a professor of child psychology and Director of the Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto.