152 University Ave.
Tuesday [24 July 1951]

Dearest Vi:

Your card came today and I am greatly relieved that Ted Ridding discovered the real cause of the stalling. If the car isn't satisfactory keep at him till it is perfect.

Things are going a little better here now. Not that the youngsters do not still continuously reach high A from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. but I can get out of the radius by going to the Faculty Room at the Union until it is time to march out to the 9 holes. And then Mrs Minnis has returned from Ottawa whither she went to restore her nerves, and on returning I think she must have read the riot act over the cats. She was against having a cat in the house from the first, but she tolerated one. Now she was informed by Mrs Cartwright that there are three, the last one being Miss Austin's abominable Tom who came over on Saturday afternoon and, taking advantage of the Whalley absence to the Lake for a few hours, got into the cellar with the two others and couldn't get out. Do you recall my saying that Dr McNeill and I thought the screams inside the house were those of youngsters! Well, when it got too bad, McNeill, Mrs Cartwright and I went over armed with panfulls of water to throw over them thinking the quadrupeds were in the alley-way between the two houses. We couldn't see them but imagined they were under the verandah. Along came Edinborough. I explained the situation to him and he readily agreed to use an umbrella. The four of us marched like Sennacherib's army, that is like wolves upon the feline fold, but found no visible signs of the enemy though the audible manifestations were beyond all measurement. Now as Mrs Minnis knows about it, we expect another war this time to end all wars. I shall keep Headquarters at 21 Cortleigh informed of later manoeuvres.

Miss Austin's dog has developed his belligerency in a most curious way. He not only runs out after the automobiles when they stop at the corner but he bites the tires. I hope one blows up on him. Still Miss A takes him in after 10 p.m.

I have just finished my examination paper and I am now running over to Miss Healey to give it to her. I thought I'd do it now and not have to rush it at the end.

Well, my sweethearts, take things easily. I shall be home on Friday following this one. I am spending some time with Clarke & McNeill over the week-end and there is an academic function Saturday evening that Wallace has asked me to attend. They want me to speak at a Sunday evening meeting but I have refused.

Much love

Mrs Minnis
A neighbour, otherwise unidentified.