152 University Ave.
Kingston, Ont.
July 3, 11 a.m. [1951]
Phone no. 5181


Train on time last night, retired at 9:30 roused myself at 8, went to the University Union for breakfast at 8:45 and found that breakfast would not be served till 8 on Wednesday on account of repairs, sauntered over to the famous Queen's, was welecomed by the proprietor (Christopher) who greeted me with the salutation 'Ah, has he come for his orange juice, eggs sunny-side up, crisp bacon, very-well-done toast, marmalade and two cups of coffee.' 'Right you are,' I said, said I, 'You haven't forgotten me.' 'Ah no, my friend,' Chris replied – 'Who could forget an appetite like yours and your individual taste.'

That was a good beginning. I went over to Queen's and found two hundred students at least lined up for registration. I found that my hour is from 9 to 10, quite satisfactory. I couldn't learn how many had registered for the Refresher Course, as some may apply late, but I shall have about thirty for English 5.

After that I went down to Princess Street and purchased the following articles:

    (1) 2 small jars of Nescafé as the coffee at Queen's has fallen arches.
  1. (2) Stamps.
  2. (3) Health Salts.
  3. (4) Gillette Blades.
  4. (5) A bottle of Parker's Ink.
  5. (6) Chewing gum.
Now at 11 a.m. I am back in my digs, same place exactly.

Several items of information may here be mentioned:

  1. (1) The dog next door named Tatters went to his eternal rest last winter to the satisfaction of the neighbours. R.I.P.
  2. (2) Counteracting this heavenly dispensation, a tom-cat belonging to Miss Austin roams the stately University Ave. all night – so Mrs Cartwright informs me, and pays special attention to houses numbered 152 and 154. Mrs C interviewed Miss Austin complaining – 'Can't you keep the cat in at night?' 'Oh dear no,' saith Miss Austin. 'The cat needs as much fresh air as you do.' Miss A now has two dogs and this cat. Heaven has not yet decided to intervene on behalf of humanity. Mysterious are the ways of Providence. However I should prefer the cat to Tatters so the blessings associated with mortality are divinely graded.
  3. (3) George Herbert Clarke is here for the summer-so I shall see a good deal of him.

My job this afternoon will be preparing the first lecture so as to start off fairly well. The blessings of Earth and High Heaven upon your darling heads.

Much love from finicky Father
and how-do-you do hubby to
beloved Vi and Cakes.

A local restaurant.