May 11, 1951

My dear Ralph:

I have just finished your 'Moment of Visitation' and am delighted with it – such poems as The Atlantic Shore, New Testament and Philosophers (to cite my favourites) burn on the pages.

My congratulations for the many honours you have received and deserved.

And I must not fail to mention the Pigeon which was referred to by Tom Allan over the C.B.C. (Wednesday Night). He said it was one of the best stories he had read in years. I knew the story from the Northern Review and remembered the eerie effect it had on me at the time. My wife and daughter were most impressed by it. In fact I got out the N.R. copy yesterday and read it with a lump in my throat. How wonderfully you worked up the suspense and what an inevitable ending! Give us some more stories as well as poems. The strings vibrate.

When are coming up this way again? I'd love to see you.

Affectionately Ned Pratt

Gustafson had sent him copies of the poems listed here.

A short story, later published in Gustafson's The Vivid Air: Collected Stories (Victoria, BC: Sono Nis Press, 1980).