April 30, 1951

Dear and beloved Peggy:

It is very hard to express our sorrow and the depth of our sympathy for you so soon after the blow. Vi and I were really stricken by it when we read the account in the morning paper. It is unnecessary for me to say how much I loved Edward. He was a brother and his passing could not have affected me more deeply if he had been one of my family of blood brothers. And our sorrow is blended with a sense of admiration both for you and for him. The way you stuck it out during the last two years when you knew the shadow was over you was heroic.

I did not go to the telephone the other evening when Vi called you. I thought I might choke if I said anything. Our love will be constantly with you.

Very affectionately,
Ned Pratt

the blow
E.K. Brown had died in Chicago on 23 April at the age of forty-six.