Jan. 16, 1951

My dear John:

You have done yourself proud in this number – one of the best of them all. I particularly like your 'decade' analysis. It is incisive and comprehensive. I was glad to see Horwood this time (as at other times) in your pages. He is an exceptionally able fellow and lays the shillelagh around him like a real gladiator. He is a genuine critic, generous enough to bestow appreciation on what he likes and honest enough to drive in the sting when required. Personally I feel grateful for his kind comments – that would be but human and natural – but I also feel respect for him for the way he tore Brébeuf up. All of us need the cracks as well as the caresses and that is the only way we can have a discriminating critical literature.

By the way how is the mag. faring? It may be hard to parallel the larger donations of last year. I am enclosing $15.00 for 1951-2. I would have repeated last year's amount but this is my final official year at the University and shall find myself on the retired list in June with its heavily reduced stipend.

Another point – Try to get some leisure for your own verse. The best of luck to you and your wife and all your interests.

E.J. Pratt

The cheque is unconditional of course. If you are writing Horwood convey him my compliments.

'decade' analysis
He is referring to Northern Review 4:2 (Dec. 1950-Jan. 1951), in which Sutherland published an essay, 'The Past Decade in Canadian Poetry.'

Brébeuf and His Brethren.

donations of last year
Northern Review had conducted an appeal for donations in the Summer of 1949. See the letter to Earle Birney, 10 August 1949.