Jan. 16, 1951

Dear Edward and Peggy:

Thanks very much for the book on the Canadian millionaires. It is going to be of help in some aspects of the project – when I can get time to plunge into the job. There are so many fiddling things that take up a chap's energy, as you well know; chats, knockings at the door, parties, etc. etc.

I was hoping to see you at the M.L.A. in N.Y. but you didn't turn up. I saw Frye for only a minute and Arthur Woodhouse for about the same length of time, but didn't hear their papers. I had planned on a lot of things but had to return a little earlier than I expected. Two evenings were taken up with my sister who is a nurse in Brooklyn and one dinner with the Van Dorens and Brebner.

That was a lovely dinner on Yorkville St. It was good to be with you both, bless you.

My Irish good wishes go with you for the New Year.

book on Canadian millionaires
Unidentified. Presumably providing background for 'Towards the Last Spike.'

The Pratts had dined with the Browns during a visit they had made to Toronto late in the summer of 1950.