Tuesday [26 Dec. 1950]

Dearest Claire:

I may like Newfoundland dogs but there is one gift I do not share with them and that is a sense of direction. I started off this morning to find 43rd St. with a certain number, to buy a ticket for The Lady's Not for Burning. Having acquired a lot of information from the desk I had to supplement it with data from the street and the last answer was – 'Can't you see that East is over there and West is there.' I had forgotten that the directions ran from 5th Ave and not from Broadway as I momentarily thought.

However, I managed to take a 7 Broadway Bus which took good care of me. I got my single ticket all right.

Nellie is coming down to dinner with me tonight and I'm giving her the pottery present.

I shall write every day. I just posted a card to Mother.

Things are going fine. Tomorrow I start in with the M.L.A. More news to come.


The Lady's Not for Burning
Verse drama by Christopher Fry, first performed in 1949.

Pratt was attending the annual meeting of the
Modern Language Association.