Nov. 18, 1950

Dear Earle:

I have wondered often how you and Esther have been getting along since we left. You seemed so tired the night of the stag in my room that you were hardly able to drag your feet along. I have heard nothing from Vancouver since. Your mother's illness must have put you under a terrible strain. What has happened since? Is she suffering a lot in the slow fashion that disease moves?

I am dropping this little note, too, to find out if Myth and Fact appeared in the English-Canadian edition. As I didn't hear about it, I assumed that the Editors over there considered it too long or perhaps inappropriate. If so, I may submit it elsewhere as I have been asked for contributions and my supply of relatively short poems is limited at present. Would you let me know, that is if you have received any communication from them overseas.

The best to you,

English-Canadian edition
Of Poetry Commonwealth. See the note to the 'invitation' in the letter to Birney, 17 February 1950.