[Winnipeg, Man.]
Monday a.m. [18 Sept. 1950]

Dearest Vi:

I have just got to Winnipeg and finished my bacon and one egg with toast and coffee at the coffee shop. This is such a unique experience that I thought I ought to mention it first.

After you left Regina yesterday I went to my room and telephoned Pop. Lincoln Weaver came down for me and I spent most of the afternoon there. Roy, the son, and his wife came in and we regaled one another about Nfld days. Pop had about one hundred photos some of them forty years old. I had to see each and pronounce favourable on each though in some cases the faces were indistinguishable. I looked like a Labrador retriever, thin and gaunt, something meant to be a terrier but went astray in the growth.

It was nice to see Karl and Rita and Buchanan, and a pleasure to have them for lunch.

My plans for the day are to go to see Stanley, Graham and Chester Duncan, besides telephoning arrangements with whatever CPR official I can reach.

I have written some of my Vancouver friends and have to write others still. I really needed one more week to get my work thoroughly done but I think I can supplement it in Winnipeg.

I have a fine room in the Royal 492 quite inexpensive. The Birneys were delighted with your craftsmanship. Esther would rather have that little bowl than all the new furniture coming into the house put together. Your pottery makes lovely presents, something special and unpurchasable.

Will you keep your eyes open for any kinds of trees, flowers, moss etc. that the CPR tracks might go over in their first laying. I don't know what use I can make of them yet but I am sure that they will be helpful some time.

Give my avuncular blessing to Karl & Rita's children and children-in-law. Tell Rita she looks younger than she did fifteen years ago. All the Whitneys keep their youthfulness – you most of all.

I shall drop another line to Claire today. Much love.

See the letter to
Claire Pratt, 18 September 1950.