[Winnipeg, Man.]
Monday 18. [Sept. 1950]

Dear Cayke:

One more lap on the way back. I shall be here till Thursday evening, boarding the C.P.R. for Toronto getting in on Sat. morning.

The Birneys were delighted with your mother's bowl, so distinctive and un-reproducible. I have some shells in my pocket which she and Earle picked up on the Pacific shore.

Yesterday at Regina I spent most of the afternoon with Pop and Lincoln Weaver, going over the family or clan album – no less than one hundred photos individual and composite. I appeared among them decades and decades ago, almost indistinguishable – so much so that I had to take Pop's word for it. I looked like a springer spaniel – in fact I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't Jack Myles of unfortunate memory dressed up in shorts.

Today I shall call on Carleton Stanley and Bill Graham besides making appointments with C.P.R. officials.

I feel like a fossil, but in good condition.

Most lovingly

Mother's bowl
Viola had been taking pottery lessons.

Jack Myles
The noisy dog late of Cortleigh Boulevard.

Carleton Stanley
Pratt had known Carleton Stanley when he was President of Dalhousie University. Following his retirement from Dalhousie in 1945, he moved to Winnipeg where he joined the English Department at United College where he taught until 1953.

An allusion to his creative description of the 'almost human' characteristics of his sketch of a trilobite in the
letter to Claire Pratt, 10 September 1950.