[Regina, Sask.]
Sunday 17th [Sept. 1950]

My dear Roy and Mrs Roy:

Here I am at the Hotel Saskatchewan staying a day with my cousins prior to going to Winnipeg on the night train.

It was a joy to be with you the other night and the lady of the house even exeeded in charm and loveliness my anticipation which was very high to begin with.

The three hours went like three minutes. The warmth was enough to melt the Selkirk snows. It was good to meet people I hadn't known before this trip – the Andrews pair – I had known her mother Mrs Grant, and Geof himself must be a pippin on the administrative side. He struck me as a brilliant and delightful chap. Sorry though I didn't see Larry though I looked into his office twice. Will you remember me to him, as an old friend of Varsity days.

I expect to arrive in Toronto on the 23rd where I shall give a glowing account of the Daniells team. You have a Department of English second to none in this 'broad Dominion.' The Reeds are grand and what a nice fellow W. Gage is.

My love to you everlastingly and Roy may your poetic pen still continue to flourish!


The baby is wonderful and so is Jane. Caress the both of them for me.

Mrs Roy
Daniells had married Laurenda Francis in 1948.


The elder of the Daniells' children.