[Regina, Sask.]
Sunday Sept. 17 [1950]

Dear Earle and Esther:

It was lovely to be with you. Many thanks for all your goodness and hospitality. Vancouver, grand as it is as a place to live in, is made all the more attractive because of the two of you. May heaven always bless you!

I asked Vi about the boots. I had looked into the cupboard at 1055 Vancouver Hotel and they weren't there, so she told me that she had taken them off in your car, though wearing my pan[..] to the hotel. I hope you discovered them.

When I arrived at Regina, Vi's brother and family came up to see me. We had lunch together. Then they returned while I stay for the day at the Hotel Saskatchewan, leaving for Winnipeg tonight, remaining there till Thursday, arriving in Toronto on Saturday Sept. 23.

My trip was a success in every way. I gather information I needed and I met the friends I love.

I took a grand shine to Bill McConnell. As I haven't his address will you tell him how much I appreciated meeting him. I knew his short stories and admired them. I know he has a good future. What a gang there is in Vancouver. I met the cream I know.

My love to both of you.