152 University Ave.
[Kingston, Ont.]
Saturday a.m. [12 Aug. 1950]


The enclosed just came. I suppose the other three will arrive in due time.

This is Saturday, the day of the great Tournament at the Cataraqui Course, and I am going to watch some of the star players. It is 36 holes. I am not playing of course but it will be a pleasure to sit under a tree and watch the scratch players approaching the 18th green.

I have three days more, ending at 4 on Wednesday. The weather has been perfect, cool and fine.

I played with Dr Shaw yesterday, the only game with him for the summer. He looks very old, more 81 than 71. We went 9 holes and I may play again on Monday.


The strike isn't settled yet. I hope they get busy before the 23rd.

other three
Cards sent her while in the United States, returned undelivered.

A railway strike shut down the entire system from 22 to 31 August. The Pratts had planned to leave Toronto on 23 August for the west, where Pratt hoped to gather data for his new railway poem, 'Towards the Last Spike.' Instead they left on 3 September.