152 University Ave
Kingston, Ont
July 25 [1950]

Dearest Vi:

I got your card yesterday and I thought I would write immediately to Washington airmail before you got to Williamsburg. I would then get ahead of you in speed.

So you passed Niagara. If the weather is the same in the near South as it is here it is perfect – somewhere between 70 and 80. It is the coolest temperature for years and it suits me though I suppose you need the water bottles at night.

I had breakfast with the Douglases this morning. They wished to be remembered to you very heartily. The girl is with them attending the Summer School.

Clarke has left. Alexander has gone to England. Mrs A & Peter are here. I am having dinner with them soon. Peter has given up hope of getting into the University and is trying for a High School. His record wasn't too high.

I shall send you a card every-day or so and you do the same so I can keep track of you. I do hope you have a pleasant and most comfortable time.

Much love