152 Un. Ave
[Kingston, Ont.]
Monday [17 July 1950]


I mentioned the matter of accommodation to Mrs Cartwright as soon as I got in. She will have the top floor prepared. Claire can have my bed and you and I can take the upstairs. I shall remain in the house Friday to expect you about 8-9. Don't hurry, and notice that the stop signs are written on the streets not on the boards.

You will have a quiet time. I told Mrs C that we would have breakfast at the Queen's Restaurant as I don't have to lecture on Sat.

I am having dinner with Vincent on Wednesday so I'll find out about the Kipling article and will write it out for you at leisure. It isn't very long.

Will you go to my room and get from the little metal box on the dresser a couple of sleeve links for my shirt – the kind that double up or the kind with a link between the studs – anything that will hold the double cuffs together. I am in no great need of them as I have I think enough single-cuff shirts.

By the way I found the C.P.R. half-fare certificate book. It was in the pocket of my other coat.

Great love to you and Cayke

I suppose it will be all right to leave the mail at 21 in your absence.

Kipling article
Viola had asked her husband to find her a copy of Rudyard Kipling's 'Proofs of Holy Writ.' (See the letters to Viola Pratt,
12 July and 10 August 1950.)

21 Cortleigh Boulevard.