152 University
[Kingston, Ont.]
Wednesday am. [12 July 1950]

Dearest Vi:

I have a few minutes before going over to my lecture at 10. I have just finished making out my examination paper so that Edinborough can see it, as he takes charge of the sups.

The work is easier than last year's a little – a smaller class and more interested.

No Scott isn't coming. He can't get away. I go up to Vincent's next Tuesday or Wednesday night for supper but I shall try to get hold of him for that Kipling article. When do you need it? The Vincent family are away this week on a holiday but I shall go to the Library to see if it is there. Perhaps Clarke will know about it. I shall sound him out. I went through what is supposed to be the whole Kipling collection owned by the late Dr Cartwright of this house. And it wasn't in the stories. It must have been a late one.

I played my first game of nine holes on Monday and my leg didn't mind it at all. So it must be a case of rheumatism and it isn't bad. I am forgetting it.

The cheques from Keddle & Shea were meant only for passengers who didn't own the car. Your clearance & mine came with the other agreement. I have to send on the dollar to Cal. It is a long roundabout way of doing things – formality. It will be grand to be back – two more days.


Supplementary examination papers.

Kipling article
Viola had asked her husband to find her a copy of Rudyard Kipling's 'Proofs of Holy Writ,' originally published in the Strand Magazine in April 1934, and republished in December 1947. (See the letters to Viola Pratt,
17 July and 10 August 1950.)

Keddle & Shea
See the note to 'Insurance Co' in the
letter to Viola, 6 July 1950.