152 Un[iversity Ave.]
Wednesday p.m. [10 Aug. 1949]


I am enclosing two letters or rather cards from Claire & Joyce. They will be coming through Kingston on Sunday, so I shall be looking for them. They seem to be having a good time and as far as I can judge from the weather reports the heatwave has been confined to Southern Ontario. It hasn't reached the Maritimes. I hope by Sunday at least the spell will have been broken. It was 95 here today and I didn't move out of the house except for lectures. I am busy now preparing my address at the La Salle tomorrow. Wallace is calling for me. I hope it won't be too stifling in that lunch room.

Johnston's letter with its monthly cheque came today.

Don't do too much walking if you can possibly avoid it. I guess you can infer from the trip East how a restful time can help the condition.

A week from today and I'm back. Won't I be glad to be with you again?


La Salle
The Kingston hotel where he was to give a talk to the Rotary Club. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 3 August 1949.

monthly cheque
Dividend from a small investment in J. George Johnston's firm.